Centered Secrets does not have a blanket approach to marketing products, and as such we work with you to find a specific program to build your brand. We are able to use a single element, or a combination of marketing activities depending on your budget and needs.


Centered Secrets develops relationships with Complementary health practitioners and therapists to work as partners in the industry. Through training, guidance and support of these practitioners, they become ambassadors for the brands we distribute.

These practitioners then provide training for other practitioners, pharmacies and retailers as they have in-depth understanding of the ingredients and benefits. This knowledge is passed on for the safe application and use of the various products.


We arrange seminars and forums for people engaged in the natural health field to meet and learn from one another. This is an ideal setting for people with similar interests and businesses to network and highlight best practices in the industry. 

We bring in business coaches and consultants who share their step by step road maps to running a successful natural health practice or complimentary health business.

Then last, but not least, we connect practitioners who are looking to put their knowledge, skills, and personality in front of the public, to conduct in-store product training and/or promotions.


We facilitate high quality in-store retail activations or promotions to educate and assist consumers on natural health products. This in turn drives awareness and sales of these products.

Centered Secrets promotions and activations are not limited to the brands we distribute, if you have a product that requires in-store promotions please contact us!

Where promotions/ training takes place in remote areas, we have several online training resources to aid and develop the delivery of effective promotions/ training.


We have digital marketing expertise to manage social media, digital advertising, websites and influencer marketing. We understand every brand requires its own special approach, so we work with you to create the optimal platform for your brand to shine.